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Autumn park Ridge Stylist.png


Quote Autumn Lives By: 

“Aribus Teno Lupum” translating to I Hold a Wolf by the Ears 



Autumn is a Stylist in Training with 4 years invested in the hair industry, becoming exceptionally educated from Paul Mitchell The School. Autumn’s training and love for balayage and blonding makes them her specialty. The ability to create exactly what her guests ask for is her favorite part of creating. 


Autumn is from Asheville North Carolina, loves Horses and is incredibly creative. When she's not making people feel beautiful at Ash & Willow, she is spending time with her dog, working out (loves to lift), or painting. Autumn values continued growth and is looking to specialize in Bellami Weft Extensions.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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